Controlled Systems’ standard customer support principles, center around the concept of single point 400Hz responsibility, providing everything required from the point of conversion, to the point of use. It is this business philosophy that creates the need for project engineering and management for all our customers’ applications. By supporting the customers’ design requirements from the onset of a project, the chances of problems during installation are greatly diminished. Controlled Systems draws upon its 20 years of aviation ground power design to circumnavigate issues arising from D/C or 400Hz power conversion and distribution. These added customer service functions afford Controlled Systems the opportunity to bring forward next generation technology, providing the best in system design and reliability. Controlled Systems extends its support by continued project monitoring through scheduled site visits, for the purpose of project management providing on time performance. It is this specialized project support, which sets Controlled Systems apart from the rest of the market, and is the leading factor in maintaining our reputation of a highly reliable, field proven, power conversion system integrator.