The United States Navy trusts Controlled Systems to provide
Degaussing for the next generation Warship: CVN-77.

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Controlled Systems Degaussing Systems are regarded as the most efficient and reliable in the world. Our company has a reputation that has earned the privilege to defend our troops at sea on the most sophisticated carrier in the US Navy fleet; the CVN-77. The Controlled Systems Degaussing System design is built-up on fully computerized modules with fault tolerant distributed communication. The Control Module Unit (CMU) is user friendly and the fast ranging process can be remote controlled through various methods from the range site. The compensation control modes are either by magnetometer (single or multiple) or magnetic map with inputs from gyro, GPS, navigational computer or manual control. The Controlled Systems Degaussing Systems neutralizes the disturbance field with a counteracting field generated from a cable coil system. Up to 90-95% of the ship’s disturbance can be neutralized. The loop coil amplifiers are digitally controlled with better than 0.2% accuracy.

Modular Design

Each Controlled Systems Degaussing System is optimized for each specific shipboard application. It is divided into individual Coil Supply Cabinets (CSCs), and are distributed throughout the vessel. Each CSC is an assembly of AC/DC and DC/DC Modules combined to match one or more cable loops.

Digital, Self Managing Control

Input data from the ship’s navigational system is interpreted and combined with the stored information about the ambient magnetic field by the Controller Unit (CU) which is a part of the Degaussing Control Unit (DCU). The ship’s location, heading are continuously used for instant adjustments in the individual coil currents. This data is subsequently used to calculate the true and undisturbed magnetic components of the earth’s magnetic field in the three main directions of the vessel.


Individual Modules inserted into cabinet.

Degaussing Control Unit (DCU)

Built for shipboard operations

The nature of the modular Controlled Systems Degaussing System allows for spare parts to be easily provided in remote locations for instant, near hot-swap able capability.

Easily serviceable Individual Modules


Controlled Systems has a complete solution for your naval degaussing needs, including design-build, custom-to-order and off the shelf equipment to meet your demanding specifications. Contact us by clicking "Contact Us" at the top of this page today to learn more about adding exciting Controlled Systems equipment to your application.